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Kano and impatience

By Salihu Yakasai (Dawisu)

Every day I go out on Kano streets, I’m scared to reach where I’m going to or come home, due to the shortage of motorcyclists including cars, small and motorcycles, everyone is faster than dead runners.

If you’re trying to cross the road especially on highways like ours, Hadejia Road, either Zaria Road, or Ibrahim Taiwo Road, and others, the suffering you’ll get is not small, especially when it’s evening, when everyone is doing it. Trying to get back home.

When you see some of the automobiles coming, ‘ from you, five seconds will do to cross the road, but once he sees you, then he will add fire to evil. And if it’s as high as it happened to me lately when a motorbike targeted me when I was crossing the road with my whole family in the car, it caught us, then when we went to the hospital with him, it got my son got sick.

Apart from this one, that’s how you will see patience being shortened when it comes to connecting with Junction, especially where there is no Kano State Road Traffic Authority (KAROTA) officer, because of patience someone will pass you will not agree, he will love his ride, and if it is wrong From here the road is closed, it’s not over, you didn’t let it pass, you see how fast he gave birth to mine.

Because of that, I think it is appropriate to call on the people of Kano, please let’s be patient, we should be forgiving each other on our roads, may God bless Kano state population, this is not small wealth, therefore Don’t let our majority be a burden, keep us always in pain and worries.

Whenever you raise your feet and give someone a chance, I hope he blesses you, thank you. And you think when you’re trying to cross the road but you’re also denied the opportunity, how do you feel in your mind? If you find a servant of God let you pass, how do you feel in your life? This is how we should be just to each other, and there is a decrease of cloudy and others.

We don’t have a state that is better than Kano, north of Kano, even Nigerian neighbours like Nigerians are proud of Kano, let’s meet and improve it to make it better. Thank you so much.

Salihu Tanko Yakasai (Dawisu) was former media aide to Kano State Governor

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