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Kaduna may undergo fresh lockdown after COVID-19 cases jump

By Idowu Abdullahi

Despite the recent lifting of lockdown emplaced to flatten cure of coronavirus, the Kaduna State Government has disclosed that it may reconsider total lockdown to checkmate the spread of the virus within the state.

It explained that the rate of infections and community transmission after the easing of previous lockdown and reopening of religious houses may influence the state decision should there be a surge in confirmed cases of the virus.

The Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, said though the state capacity to test and treat cases of coronavirus was on the high, the administration would not hesitate to lockdown again if citizens safety compliance level was not in par with what was required to sustain the current model of reopening.

Speaking while inaugurating the mobile van known as ‘Wellness On Wheel (WOW)’, which uses the revolutionary GeneXpert machine to test for both Tuberculosis and COVID-19 in Kaduna on Friday, the Governor said the government was reviewing the compliance level in the last one week of reopening and consider its next step of action.

Relating his experience while he was being treated with the virus, the El-Rufai urged residents to comply with all safety measures and minimize going around when not necessary.

“We have decided that now that we are confident of our testing capability, we have enough test kits and our health system is becoming prepared to deal with the problem, we can open up and we have opened up and we are monitoring the situation.

“We are still reviewing the result of the last weekend compliance level of places of worship, and based on the result of compliance as well as rate of infection, we may lockdown again.

“I am saying this for everyone in Kaduna State to hear. If we get to a level that the infection rate will overwhelm our health system and our health workers, we may lockdown again, we will go back to complete lockdown. I am appealing to the people of Kaduna State to comply with the protocols and minimize going out.

“Our health system is stronger and we have much testing capacity, we are much confident in dealing with the problem and we have a good success rate in the treatment of people that are infected, but let us not take things for granted.

“This disease is a killer. I know it, I have experienced it, I don’t want anyone in Kaduna State to experience it and if it becomes necessary to close down the borders and completely lockdown, we will not hesitate to do it because, as I said, from the beginning, we will do whatever it takes to protect lives and we can apologize later for the inconvenience, but life comes first.”

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