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Kaduna Govt. puts restriction across borders against lockdown violation

By Temitope Akintoye,

The Kaduna State Government has barricaded its land borders in a bid to curb lockdown violation and enforce obedience to the state’s stay at home order.

It said that the barricades were aimed at furthering the state’s response to the deadly coronavirus pandemic by acting as a deterrent to lockdown violators who may attempt to cross borders into the region.

The State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, stated that the movement restrictions had been implemented with aim to protect Kaduna residents from coronavirus as well as to curtail the spread of the viral infection among its people.

El-Rufai, through a post released on his social media page on Friday, said that unlawful entry into the state could pose health risks for residents and defeat the purpose of the lockdown implementation.

He expressed his expectation that the barricades would curb illegal movements within the state, as well as aid prohibition of interstate travel within the region.

“KDSG has also placed barricades on these roads to enforce the prohibition of interstate travel which is spreading the disease across state lines and complicating efforts to defeat it. Barricades are in place at many of the entry points into the state to deter violators”, he said.

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