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Kaduna Gov. places NLC President, other members on wanted list

By News Desk

Kaduna State Governor, Nasir Elrufai, has placed Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) President, Ayuba Wabba, and other top union members on wanted list over their activities he claimed were acts of economic sabotage.

Aside from that, the governor said that the union members, including their president, are wanted for their attacks on public infrastructure across the state.

Through a social media post on Tuesday, El-Rufai said that the members’ activities during their yesterday’s demonstration contravened the Kaduna State’s Miscellaneous Offences Act.

The governor also added that anyone that can provide useful information on the union members’ whereabouts would be rewarded handsomely by the state government.

“KADUNA UPDATE: Ayuba Wabba & others of @NLCHeadquarters declared wanted for economic sabotage & attacks on public infrastructure under Miscellaneous Offences Act. Anyone that knows where he is hiding should send a message to @MOJKaduna KDSG. There will be a handsome reward!” the post read.

Restating his commitment to ensuring Wada and other NLC members were made to face the music, the governor while briefing newsmen at the sideline of the Agricultural Policy launch organized by the state’s Ministry of Agriculture on Tuesday, the governor said the Labour union had engaged in economic sabotage and its President must be arrested.

“Yes, you saw my Twitter handle post. They have attacked facilities and engaged in economic sabotage. That is an offence under the miscellaneous offenses Act. And we will bring him to justice.

“We are looking for him, he should report himself to the nearest police station or report to us, he will be prosecuted for economic sabotage,” El-Rufai said.

Asked if there is the possibility of compromise between the government and NLC, El-Rufai said “there is no ground for compromise. They have used their last ultimate weapon and it will not change anything. It will not change our position.”

Continuing, the governor through a statement, argued that the NLC members’ activities cannot be hidden under industrial action and that proper measures would be taken in prosecuting lawbreakers irrespective of the association.

“KDSG (Kaduna State Government) views NLC actions as the mob equivalent of bandits that are kidnapping and menacing our citizens. Bandits illegally use arms, but the NLC’s mob action is for similar ends: to hold hostage freedoms, economic interests, livelihoods and resources of the people of Kaduna State.

“Efforts to dress up criminal activity as industrial action do not change the reality of lawbreaking that has unfolded, including their persistently ignoring the prohibition against impeding essential services.

“Also, KDSG cannot ignore the illegal pressures brought to disrupt the operations of banks and other private business whose staff and customers do not have any industrial dispute with the state or any other government.”

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