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Kaduna Gov. insists on ‘no ransom’ policy for bandits, kidnappers

By News Desk

The Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai, has insisted that no level of blackmail would make his administration change its stance on ransom payment as been canvassed by some individuals, adding that the government would not reward criminals who kill citizens and destroy properties.

He said that though the state government was not oblivious of the current situations and growing numbers of abducted students, his administration would engage in acts capable of emboldening bandits and kidnappers.

El-Rufai noted that the government has been at the forefront of managing the crisis and bring to an end spate of violent attacks and kidnap of innocent Kaduna residents.

Through a statement on Tuesday by his Special Adviser on Media and Communication, Muyiwa Adekeye, the governor stated that it was surprising that some commentators have responded to his stance by blaming him despite that he was trying to uphold the law and not to reward hoodlums for violating lives, property, and liberties of citizens.

According to him, those pushing that kind of narrative were sharing a video clip of a 2014 interview in which I called on the government of President Goodluck Jonathan to use all options, including negotiation, to rescue the Chibok girls.

“The years since 2014 may have led some people to forget the denial and doubt that defined the FG’s response to the Chibok abductions, especially the initial refusal to acknowledge that it happened. That was the context under which civic pressures were brought on the government,’ he said.

He said the Kaduna State Government has been consistently transparent about its security challenges. “It has supported and continues to resource the security agencies in the state.

We are engaging the Federal Government to have security responses that move away from the reactive response of repelling bandits towards a comprehensive, proactive offensive that takes the battle to the criminals and uproots them. As a sub-national, with no direct control of any of the security agencies, we cannot make this task more difficult by giving criminals the resources to acquire more arms.”

”The ruthless and heartless resort of the kidnappers to murdering these young persons is part of their effort to further their blackmail and compel us to abandon our ‘no-ransom, no negotiation policy. Are people bothering with the consequences of state surrender to hoodlums, or is the continued politicization of security challenges not going to make all of us ultimately victims of the insurgents?”

“The fact that criminals seek to hold us by the jugular does not mean we should surrender and create an incentive for more crime. In today’s Nigeria, it has become fashionable to treat the unlawful demands of bandits as worthy of consideration and to lampoon people who insist that outlaws should be crushed and not mollycoddled or availed the resources they can use to unleash further outrages,” he said.

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