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JUST IN: Tinubu warns Edo people against voting Obaseki

By Idowu Abdullahi,

The National Leader of All Progressive Congress, Bola Tinubu, has warned Edo State residents against voting the incumbent Governor Godwin Obaseki, in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the state.

He said that the call had become imperative after several undemocratic action taken by the embattled Govenor during his first tenure, among which he alledged, his refusal to obey rule of law despite voice of reasonings from politicians and other stakeholders on the issue of 14 lawmakers he prevented from being sworn into the state House of Assembly.

The APC stalwart explained that with Obaseki’s records card on disobedience to rule of law, he does not deserve reelection during this weekend’s gubernatorial poll across the state.

Speaking in video clip released online ahead of the Saturday’s election, Tinubu, also a former govenor of Lagos State claimed that Obaseki’s action may not be unconnected to his absence during the democratic struggle in Nigeria, a development he alleged, contributed to the governor’s inability to respect rule of law and democratic institutions.

Obaseki’ absence during the struggle, Tinubu said, was behind his refusal to cede to voice of reasonings when the National Assembly and the Attorney-General of the Federation advised him to let the 14 members of the House of Assembly be inaugurated.

“I want to appeal to you to reject Godwin Obaseki in this coming election. He  does not deserve any democratic ballot paper. Don’t vote for him, I appeal to all of you.

“I have suffered with many others to bring about this democratic regime, that today, we are enjoying in the country. Then, Godwin Obaseki didn’t participate in any aspect of the struggle to enshrine democracy in the country. Therefore, he could not understand the value and the pains associated with this democratic struggle.

“He demonstrated the act of dictatorship, lack of respect for rule of law, lack of respect for you the people who voted for those legislators prevented from being sworn-in. Today, he now comes back as a democrat wanting you to vote for him. Please, I appeal to you, reject him.

“Several institutions and leaders of our country appealed to him to respect constitutional democracy but he rejected all entreaties. He rejected the appeal of the National Assembly.

“When the Attorney-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria enumerated the path of honour and the constitution of the country, rather than obey and respect the law, he vandalised the House of Assembly in Edo by removing the roofs, pouring gravels and rocks at the entrance of the House of Assembly only to prevent these 14 members from being sworn-in. Now, he is asking for our votes, your votes, our dear people. Is he a democrat? No, he is not,” Tinubu said.

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