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Just In: Chidinma denies killing super TV boss, narrates hidden sides

By Idowu Abdullahi

A 21-year-old undergraduate of University of Lagos (UNILAG), Chidinma Ojukwu, who was arrested, detained, and paraded by the Nigerian Police over murder of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Super Television (TV), Micheal Ataga, has denied stabbing the businessman to death, adding that she earlier took the blame after it appeared all odd was against her.

She clarified that contrary to her earlier claims, she had to take the blame following pressure from her arrest and that since she never reported the incident to police and failed to confide in anyone who could stand as a witness and corroborate her story.

Ojukwu, a 300-level student of Mass Communication, noted that she had gone out to get supplies (food, drugs, and other household items) needed in the short-let apartment when those who allegedly killed her lover broke in and cut short his life.

“The pressure, people around, and confession from the security guy that nobody entered the apartment except me made me accept my fate. So, knowing fully well of what I did like taking his things and withdrawing money from his account, I just took the blame on myself that since no one believed me, let me just take the blame. No one is influencing my statement,” she said in a video circulating online.

Narrating the hidden sides of her earlier claims, Chidinma explained that when they woke up the next day, the deceased gave her his Automated Teller Machine (ATM card) to shop what was needed and that on her way going to the store, Ataga still stood up to lock the door behind.

“He sent the money to book a short-let apartment and when I paid for the booking, he came one hour after. After he came, we went to get food, and we are just indoors, drinking, smoking, and having fun. He woke up before me the next day and I was still feeling sleepy and dizzying from the effect of the smoke and drinking. So, after he woke me up, he asked what I need and other items and I told him we need food and drugs. So, he gave me some money and his card for payments of what we need and that is how I got to have his card.

“When I was leaving to get what we needed, he still got up to lock the door, and it was when I got back, knocking on the door and he wasn’t answering and I had to force the door open, and when I entered, the duffel was on the floor, and cloth plus pillows. The couch was also facing the door and the bed was stained with blood already and the floor where he was was filled with blood and music was playing and the TV was on.

“The room was already disarranged like someone broke in when I saw him on the floor helpless and then I didn’t know what to do, I just took my things, and some of his and left. I was afraid and didn’t know what to do and I know if I had raised alarm, they would have arrested me for doing it because we are both the only person in the apartment.

“So, I just left and when I was packing my things, I noticed that my cloth was stained with blood, so I change it to another and I took a bag that contains his Identity Card, documents and bank statements. I took his phone and left.

“In the following week, then I went out to withdraw some money from his ATM that I was with and I withdrew N200,000 and before the day of the incident, he had already told me he would give me some money I requested for. So, following the withdrawal, I was arrested and it was alleged that I withdrew five million nairas from his account. There was no five million in his account and it just happened like that, it is not that I have something to do with his death, I have nothing to do with his death,” she said.

According to her, I didn’t invite anybody and I don’t know who came into the apartment but I know somebody did that and I don’t know who that person is and what happened when I left the apartment to get food.

“But for some of the things, I did after his death like not alerting the police and I also withdrew money from his account, I feel guilty for what happened but I did not kill him. Knowing full well that I did not kill him, my undoing was taking his money and not reporting to the police and I believe that somebody knew where we were and waited until I left before they could enter,” Chidinma added.

It would be recalled that the suspect had earlier narrated how the broadcast media personality was stabbed to death in Lekki axis of Lagos State. The UNILAG student disclosed that the deceased was her lover and that she stabbed Ataga more than twice while under the influence of drugs as well as alcohol and that his actions were due to the TV boss persistent sexual advances.

The embattled lady, who was paraded by Commissioner of Police, Lagos Command, Hakeem Odumosu, was apprehended by the law enforcement agency in her residence at No. 57, Akinwunmi Street, Alagomeji axis of Yaba, after one week of investigations.

Responding to questions from newsmen, the suspect disclosed that she and the 50-year-old Ataga had been in a romantic relationship for over four months before the ugly incident occurred on June 15, 2021, at a Short Service Apartment, situated at No 19, Adewale Oshin Street, Lekki, Phase 1, Lagos.

The undergraduate said she and the deceased were at the apartment having fun when an argument broke out after Ataga demanded that they copulate for the second time in the day which she rejected, saying it was then that the argument broke out and she stabbed him.

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