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Jonathan advocates for teamwork, patriotism against coronavirus

By Temitope Akintoye,

Former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, has addressed the nation over the deadly coronavirus pandemic which has recorded rising incidence in the country, saying that Nigeria would overcome the contagious viral infection if its people would work together and react patriotically to the situation, with aim to see that a decisive end is brought to occurence of the disease in the nation.

Jonathan explained that following tennets of good citizenship would go a long way in aiding success of government efforts towards curbing further spread of coronavirus, and that it would be in best interests of Nigerians if they would obey all government directives and accept responsibility for the basic precautionary processes which was expected to be implemented by all individuals.

Recalling that Nigeria had successfully undergone such health threats from other contagious infections such as Ebola virus, which he noted, had been vanquished through solidarity, patriotism and unity of purpose, Jonathan expressed his assurance that if the people nfollowed  such route once again, and stayed resolute in face of coroonavirus threat, the country would again rise victorious over crisis.

The former president made his views known through a tweet on his personal tweeter handle on Thursday, decrying prevalent feelings of fear, despair and resignation, which he said would do the country no good, but that people should embrace feelings of courage and faith that the pandemic situation would soon be over, and responsibility for each to do their part in ensuring that further spread of the pandemic was curbed.

He made calls to the Federal Government, and to Nigerians, to take action towards stopping ravages of coronavirus, and to employ unity and patriotism, through which he said the country would win against the deadly viral infection.

“Today our world faces a global crisis that threatens our peace, hope, and freedoms. Across the globe is the climate of fear,  havoc, and consequences of a new enemy, Coronavirus Disease- COVID – 19. Dear Compatriot, this is not a time to fear or despair; it’s a moment of responsibility, courage & faith. It’s time to demonstrate good citizenship by yielding to relevant  policies & guidelines put in place by government and its agencies to combat the challenge of COVID- 19. As a country, ours is a history of many triumphs in times of global and national challenges. More than ever before, now is the time for action, solidarity and patriotism. Let’s all brace up and work together to combat this new scourge”.

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