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Iyabo Ojo cries out over curfew impact on personal lounge business

By News Desk

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, has decried the impact of coronavirus induced restrictions and curfews introduced to curb the pandemic spread across Lagos on club, bars, lounge and event centers businesses in state, adding that the continuous midnight curfew was causing irreparable damages to her personal lounge business.

The tespian maintained that it was sad that despite Lagosians living their normal lives, attending parties and going about their days-to-days activities, businesses operating during midnight were been affected with the 12 am to 4am curfew restrictions across the state.

She added that it was surprising that while residents go about their businesses with reckless abandon during the day, the government decided to emplace curfew during midnight such that appeared like a misplaced priority.

Ojo noted that if the government was not mindful of coronavirus protocols during the day when market men and women, among others contravenes the guidelines introduced by the government, it was pointless continuing with midnight curfew in the state.

She added that due to the guidelines, many customers, particularly clubbers have deserted her lounge, a situation she claimed, had been affecting her chain of businesses and reduced sales drastically.

The actress noted that aside from the curfew, the Nigeria Police Force, Lagos State Command, has allegedly made the situation hellish by exploiting the opportunity to extort Lagosians during the curfew period.

Raising the concerns through a video clip on her social media page on Saturday, Ojo urged the Lagos State and Federal Governments to review the curfew and relax it before the directive rendered Lagosians in the clubs and lounges businesses jobless.

“Please sir, can you kindly address this 12am – 4am curfew. Is there still curfew in Lagos and why? Is it that corona virus moves between 12am – 4am or is there another reason why? Please I’m asking on behalf of all lounge, bar and club owners in Lagos, we are running into serious debt and loss, a lot of us are closing down and it’s affecting lives and family, we need answers.

“The Nigeria Police Force, Lagos State Command are also using this 12am – 4am as an opportunity to collect bribe from us, it’s alarming that one cannot move freely in Lagos state once it’s 12am ….. the police are always at Lekki 2nd roundabout blocking us and collecting birbe before we can pass.

“I run a lounge, bar and restaurant so I go home late everyday and I have to bribe them to pass, when dey no be tollgate……. it’s really getting annoying and irritating, please kindly address this, thank you,” she said.

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