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ISWAP and Nigeria’s sovereignty

By Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim


Professor Zulum is sounding an alarm that Nigeria’s existence is threatened in the North East flank, where an over one decade war has brought the region to its knees.

Despite the best efforts of the armed forces, the North Central and North West zones have been softened for possible eventual assaults. (God forbid).

With all manners of armed groups within 2 hours drive to Abuja in Niger and Kaduna, no one should attempt to downplay this threat.

The way and manner by which the forces of Taliban swept through Kabul unchallenged in Afghanistan, is too fresh in our minds to make anyone go to bed with two eyes closed!

Terrorism and other threats from non-State actors is a new war which modern standing armies are not too familiar with in their training modules and general operational orders.

In my Master’s class in Global Affairs at the University of Buckingham in United Kingdom, we interrogated these issues for two terms in the Global Security Modules.

Professor Zulum’s warning is timely. The war in the North East and the insurgency in the North West requires a new defence and security architecture.

It also requires political responses that must tackle the underlining causes of the threats.

Whatever we need to get from sources who have triumphed over this type of threats before, we must quickly seek for.


The adversaries have global experience.

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