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Iran to place UK, other EU visitors under 14-day compulsory isolation

By News Desk

The Iranian Government has concluded plans to quarantine visitors from the United Kingdom (UK) and other European nations for 14 days, due to the wide spread of coronavirus in the region.

It added that travellers from the region would qualify for the 14 days isolation after presenting test result indicating negative and that they would be subjected to another round of test to ascertain their status.

For travellers from other countries including neighbouring nations, the government emphasised that they would have been tested before arrival and that the test must indicate negative before arrival.

Announcing the new protocol, the minister of health, Alireza Raisi, in an interview with newsmen on Saturday, said that the strategy was to protect the country from undergoing lockdown.

Raisi, who did not indicate when the new policy would take effect, said the Iranian-manufactured Barekat vaccine was found effective against the highly contagious coronavirus variant that emerged in Britain.

Hassan Jalili, who is in charge of the team that produces the local vaccine, added: “Tests conducted on the blood plasma of three volunteers of ‘COVIran Barekat’ vaccine completely neutralized the mutated coronavirus”.

It would be recalled that Iran launched human trials of its first domestic vaccine candidate late last month, saying this could help it defeat the pandemic despite U.S. sanctions that affect its ability to import vaccines.

It has also approved Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine and plans to both import it and produce it.

The country has recorded more than 1.4 million cases and over 57,800 deaths, according to government data, but there has been a decline in new infections in recent weeks.

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