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IOC postpones Tokyo 2020 Olympic games for one year

By NewsDesk,

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) has announced postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, stating that its decision was as a result of the existing world health crisis caused by incidence of the deadly coronavirus pandemic in various countries around the world, due to which several participating nations, bodies and athletes had raised concerns over securing health of participants at the sporting tournament.

It explained  that following a proposal for the postponement which  had been raised by the Japanese government alongside other stakeholders, it had been decided that it was in best interests of the world in general, and participating countries and athletes in particular, for the 2020 Olympic games to be postponed for a year.

President of the IOC, Thomas Bach, said that some participating athletes and sporting bodies such as the Australian Olympic Committee, the Canadian Government and others, had impressed upon the body the need for postponement of the event which would have garnered millions of spectators and contestants from all the countries around the globe.

Bach, who confirmed the shift in the Olympic games schedule on Tuesday, reiterated that the new tournament date of 2021 had been fixed as a last resort in hopes that the world health crisis would be resolved before then, in event of which a new date would be released for the global sporting event.

For the host country, Japan, though the postponement was a big blow to its economy following government investment of around $12 billion in preparations towards the Olympic games, it was also a necessary step considering the possibility of disease outbreak which could occur if the sporting event had held under global threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, it was advisable that the event be postponed so as to afford athletes the time to prepare and compete in the best possible condition without threat of infection and away from the health risk presently being posed by the deadly viral disease.

Abe said, “We asked President Bach to consider postponement of about one year to make it possible for athletes to play in the best condition. President Bach said he is in agreement 100 percent”.




The Guild gathered that the Olympic games have previously been cancelled during the first and second world wars, and also as a result of the Cold war boycotts in 1980.

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