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Insecurity won’t define Buhari’s administration legacy – Lai Mohammed 

By Idowu Abdullahi

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has disclosed that despite insecurity challenges bedevilling Nigeria, the menace won’t rub off on President Muhammadu Buhari’s achievement across all sector by end of his tenure in 2023, saying the positive would far outweigh current challenges.

He added that the gains recorded in areas such as roads, rails, bridges, mass housing, port development, improvement in power supply and other massive infrastructural development were visible and that the impact would outlast the current generations such that the unborn generations would make reference to it during their time.

The minister noted that in spite of the president’s effort, naysayers have continued to deny the obvious by pretending that the administration’s achievements are not real and that plans have been concluded to release a documentary showcasing Buhari’s achievement.

Briefing journalists on the mid-term report of the president’s second term on Tuesday in Abuja, Mohammed reiterated that: Never in the history of our country has any administration done so much with so little.

“It’s easy to forget now, but when this administration came into office in 2015, the price of crude oil, which provides 80 per cent of Nigeria’s budgetary revenues and 95 per cent of foreign exchange earnings, dropped drastically and, along with it, the fund available to the government. It is therefore monumental that this administration has achieved so much despite the paucity of fund.

“I want to state emphatically that while more attention has been given, especially in recent times, to the security challenges facing our country, those challenges are fleeting and will not define the legacy of President Muhammadu Buhari. Let me say that President Buhari’s legacy is assured, and will be defined by his massive achievements in office.

“The roads, rails, bridges, mass housing, port development, improvement in power supply and other massive infrastructural development will last for generations to come and will help propel economic growth and national development,” the minister told newsmen.

He stated that in showcasing Buhari’s administration achievements, the government has changed its style for more effectiveness saying the new strategy was to suffuse the airwaves and the social media with unmistakable video evidence of the various achievements.

“Ahead of the anniversary, we commissioned an all-encompassing and unprecedented documentary on the projects and programmes of this administration. Gentlemen, the documentary is ready, and it’s coming to your television sets and your telephones (via Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc).

“Because of the sheer enormity of the achievements, the documentary will be aired in three parts and will run for months. When we started, we envisaged a two-part documentary, but in order to accommodate a large chunk of the achievements, we decided to extend it to three parts.

“The documentary, which will be updated from time to time until the end of the administration’s tenure, covers roads, rail, housing, power, aviation, agriculture, ports, bridges, health, fight against Covid-19, water resources and the economy generally,” he said.

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