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India confirms first Coronavirus case, quarantine 805 others

By Temitope Akintoye,

Indian Government has confirmed first case of coronavirus infection after evacuating its citizens from cities ravaged by the deadly virus in China.

The Indian Government disclosed that the patient, who was among the 806 citizens evacuated from China, has begun treatment in a quarantined section of a specialized hospital to avoid spread of the deadly virus to other cities.

According to the government, those evacuated from China including the first case were kept under close observation in Kerala for any signs of the virus.

The Kerala Health Minister, K.K Shylaja Teacher, explained that the patient, while been quarantined, tested positive and thus, was isolated for proper treatment.

While speaking to pressmen on Thursday, the minister explained that though it might not have been a good idea to bring Indians out of China following outbreak of coronavirus, it was imperative to consider citizens’ safety ahead of other needs.

“We had sent blood samples of 20 people from Kerala, of which 10 returned as negative. Out of six that were pending, the sample of a female student from Wuhan has come back as positive,”

“We understand that as a highly populated nation, India cannot afford a disease outbreak among its citizens and so we are doing all we can to keep this under wraps and ensure that there is no spread of the disease. The patient was being treated in an isolation ward in the district of Thrissur”.

He noted that corona virus infections had been reported in at least 16 countries, with 105 confirmed cases outside China, and that so far, no death had been recorded of patients not in China.

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