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I don’t have anyone to share my emotions with- Lagos amputee hawker

By Barakat Adegbola

The amputee sachet water hawker, Mary Daniels, has described the significant transformation that had occurred to her as a true definition of God’s grace, even as she said that not having anyone to share her emotions with over the last 15 years had been a huge burden on her.

Daniel, who hawked sachet water for a living before grace found her, added that in the last 15 years, she had been the only one to console herself and that when the burden became unbearable for her, she considered committing suicide.

She noted that she abandoned the idea after considering what could happen to her grandmother as well as her dream of returning to school someday to study law and defend the vulnerable in society.

The single mother, who expressed sadness over the absence of her parents that she described as her confidants during the 26th birthday celebration organised for her by Convener of Culturati, Idris Aregbe, yesterday, said not having her parent alive to celebrate her and share emotions with breaks her heart.

In an emotional-laden voice, she added that not having someone to share emotions with for so long has been an issue that disturbed her and affects her ability to quickly achieve desired goals.

She further disclosed how she struggled without anyone’s help, saying, no one approached me to support her successfully, I have been struggling to survive on my own. People had been promising to help me but none turn-up”.

Mary, while explaining how she survived an accident that resulted in her predicament, said she and her parents were in a 16-seater commercial bus traveling to their hometown in Kogi State on the 13th of January 2006 when the vehicle had an accident with 16 others including the driver, died in the ill-fated bus and that she was the only survivor.

She said before the accident that took her parents’ life occurred, they had already enrolled her in a fashion designer school, where she had already started sewing dresses but she could not continue after the incident.

The 26-year-old, meanwhile, stated that the sudden transformation of her story still seems like a dream, saying she could not imagine what had happened since her picture went viral on social media.

While appealing to many still confronting such challenges to have faith, Daniels urged that they should read her story, saying I know my victory would serve as hope to other people who are about to give up in life.

“I want to advise people not to give up because I gave up before but came back again. And I keep believing because God is not sleeping, pray, also make sure you struggle because no pain no gain”.

The 26-year -old who expressed joy overflow after receiving love and affection from loved ones at her 26th birthday celebration, said “I wish to study Law and become a Lawyer in the future.”

Mary who clocked 26 years of age on Friday, April 23rd, 2021, described people making advances to her on social media as jokers. “All those people are only joking, they don’t mean the love they are expressing.”

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