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How to keep fit at home following Lagos gyms closure

By Temitope Akintoye,

Coronavirus is out on the streets and the Lagos State Government has asked that all persons stay home where they are safe from catching the deadly viral infection or, possibly spreading  it to their friends or neighbors if already infected.

With no work to go to, and you being at the mercy of movies and video games for entertainment, there comes the nagging worry of chances of inordinate weight gain, which is further increased by rising propensity for a sedentary lifestyle indoors, a high likelihood of binge eating or other unhealthy eating habits, and the closure of all gyms in Lagos state.

Rather than sit through the wait for an end to the coronavirus pandemic, packing on weight and becoming fat and unhealthy due to the reduction in daily activity that could come with staying home all day, here are some tips to keep your summer body going while staying healthy and keeping fit in the comfort of your own home!

Stay busy.

Studies have shown that boredom is quite often a trigger for binge eating or other unhealthy forms of food intake. To avoid such, try as much as possible to stick to your regular routine. Yes, there will be changes such as time spent i daily commute which would now be freed up for other activity, but as much as you can, do stick with your regular daily schedule.

Wake up when you normally would have. Take your bathe, dress yourself up and then face the day squarely, ticking off your scheduled activities on the list as you go. Stay busy!

Watch what you eat.

There is nothing wrong with a snack. Or two. Or three…what matters is the kind of snack you are having and its serving size. For instance, peanuts are healthy when you eat a handful or two, they become unhealthy when you finish a whole bottle at once.

Pace your snacks. Ensure that you own small plates that would encourage you take smaller sized portions of food per serving. Also be creative while stocking your groceries. Remember to eat the colors of the rainbow. Have your greens, reds, oranges, yellow, purples, and so on, as fruits and veggitables and incorporate them into your diet. Not only are they healthy, they are also delicious and filling, affording you less opportunity to stuff your face with fattening foods.

Make ahead simple, delicious and healthy snacks. When you feel like a snack, its easy to pick the first thing you find in the fridge, so made ahead treats would help you plan your meals and also give control over your snacking habits.

Yoghurt parfait Granola Fruit salad Greek salad Make a mix of nuts, seeds and fruit


“But I can’t go to the gym!!!”, no matter, do not worry about that because there are simple yet effective exercises that you can do in  the comfort of your  own home which would leave you toned and fit despite being stuck indoors.

Try pilates or yoga if you are all for non-contact exercises which would build strenght, increase balance and flexibility, as well as encourage firming of the body and some weight loss. Both styles of exercise also do not need any special equipment, so you can practice them even if you do not have a yoga mat at home.

Intermediate level exercisers can go for conventional body exercises such as lifts, dead weights, squats, lunges, and others, some of which can only be done using some special gym equipment. However, and here is the tip, you can cheat by buying the following items (shop online and have them delivered):

Kettle bell: Buy just one or two in different weights based on your capacity and your exercise goal. Want to lose weight, please do not buy weights, but if you intend to build some bulk, pick up one or two!

Dumb bells: Please buy a pair. Or single ones if you are more inclined. Very useful for upper body workouts and easy to use at home.

Resistance bands: These are, perhaps the most important of them all. Resistance bands take your home workout up a few several notches by increasing the level of difficulty, increasing the impact of, and intensity of your home workouts. Best also is the fact that that they could be used to work on any part of the body. Arms, legs, glutes, pecs…extention bands would give that full body workout experience for less!


A good 15 minute dance session could take the place of a full body workout if properly done. Do take advantage of the several resources which can be found on sites such as YouTube. Keep it moving and stay fit, even indoors!!!

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