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How Osinbajo revolutionized Nigerian judiciary- Emir of Lafia

By News Desk

The Emir of Lafia, Justice Sidi Bage Muhammad I (retd) has described Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as a pacesetter who revolutionized the nation’s judiciary sector.

According to the monarch, Federal Government learnt so much from the Vice President as the Attorney-General of Lagos between 1999-2007.

The Emir, who is a former Supreme Court judge, disclosed this when he played host to Osinbajo at his palace in Lafia , saying that history would be kind to him for introducing multi-court house and several reforms that have contributed to the development of justice dispensation in the country.

Recounting his experience with the Vice President when he was the Commissioner for Justice in Lagos, the Emir said many legal professionals would not forget in a hurry how Lagos Judiciary under Osinabjo leadership was used as yardstick and a pace setter for all other states, including the federal government.

The Emir said:“ I feed delighted to receive you in this ancient palace. It has always been my dream in life that one day the Almighty will bring you here. I have my special reason for that. This is because those of us in the legal profession will appreciate the fact that your Excellency, you are a pace setter as far as what is made out today modern judiciary in Nigeria is concerned. Those of us who were close by have noticed since that your appointment as the Attorney General of Lagos has brought about the revolution we are having today in the judiciary.”

The emir further explained that as far as far-reaching reforms were concerned Lagos under Osinbajo as the Attorney was the rallying point for many legal professionals and many states who were poised at reforming their judiciary sector.

“It is in your coming as the AG that we have the first major review of rules of court. We’ve never had that in Nigeria. These rules of courts that became the first of its experience in Lagos, we then at the FCT, we went to borrow to see what was going on in Lagos.

“Today, that has become a reference point in Nigeria. We will never forget your tenure as the Attorney General in Lagos. This is because, is was the first of its kind in the history of this country that a prosecution of matters in this country has profile and really makes sense in this country. Your Excellency, it is at your time some of these innovations going on that have done so much in the delivery of the justice system which has made it easy. Because your time as the Attorney-General that we saw for the first time in this country, the coming in of the multi-door court house,” the Emir added.

He expressed optimism that Nigerians would benefit immensely from the wealth of experience of the Vice President, adding that combination President Muhhamdu Buhari and Vice President Osinbajo was a clear indication of brighter rewarding future for the nation.

“We know as a matter of time, this country, Nigeria will continue to benefit from your tremendous experience, your good character exemplified by what the two of you, the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari and you as the Vice. There is no doubt about the fact that the two of you are the best in character and exemplary leadership.”


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