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How Lagos Govt. discover 15 coronavirus cases inside vessel at port

By News Desk

After the number of coronaviruses confirmed cases increased in Lagos to 82, the State Government has disclosed that 15 of the confirmed cases were discovered from a vessel on the state waters.

The State Government also added that 66 of the cases contracted the disease as a result of transmission within Lagos from those that had gotten the virus.

Commissioner for health, Akin Abayomi, who disclosed the statistics at a briefing on achievements recorded so far in containing the disease yesterday, added that the vessel was maneuvering on and off the coast of Lagos for some oil and gas work.

Abayomi explained that the vessel had 51-crew officials when the contact tracing team approached it on the waters to ascertain the crew coronavirus status.

After the first visit, the commissioner said: “The ship had a positive case, we airlifted the positive case off the ship and we went backtest the 51-crew officials. We initially found seven positive, we removed the seven from the ship to Yaba and the company has isolated the remaining 44. Of those 44, another eight tested positive”.

He explained that after the back and forth, the medical officials discovered a total of 15 cases from that vessel “that was maneuvering off the coast of Lagos, doing some oil and gas work”.

For the transmission that was discovered within the state, Abayomi added that none of the remaining 66 cases were experiencing any severe symptoms.

“If we were to put a percentage on those 66, I would estimate the 33 out of those 66 are mild and about 33 are showing moderate disease just characterized by severe fever, feeling weak, some coughing and headache and body pains. But it is not extending to affect the organs such that we have lung or kidney failure.

“Most of our patients are experiencing a very mild to moderate degree of illness. In fact, we don’t have anybody that is requiring ventilation at the moment which is a symptom of what you would describe as severe disease,” the commissioner stated.

Meanwhile, the commissioner says aggressive contact tracing is being carried out to curb any further spread of the disease.

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