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Herdsmen attacks: Yoruba leaders vow to repeat 1840 Osogbo war treatment

By Olawale Abdul-Fatah

Apparently not satisfied with the threat to lives and property in South West states, Yoruba leaders, yesterday, warned that herdsmen or any visitor aiming  to wreck havoc in the region would be crushed like the Fulanis crushed by Yorubas before the Osogbo war and other wars that broke out in 1840.
They added that no one was restricted from visiting the South West but must come with the intention to live  and do business peacefully and not to harm or banish the original land owners from their town.
It would be recalled that Yorubas had at that time fought against the Fulanis that had annexed some parts of its region and introduced their caliphate system.
The Yoruba new leader, Prof. Banji Akintoye, who spoke on behalf of the leaders in Lagos, hinted that they have done several survey and understand the security challenges confronting South West states.
Akintoye, who was elected barely a month ago, disclosed that before his emergence, efforts had been made by him and others to understand the security challenges confronting South West states.
He noted that after the visit to the entire six states in the region, a report was submitted to the Chief Reuben Fasoranti led-Afenifere for consideration.
“Our unity and collective resolve to stand together in order to demonstrate to would-be invaders of our land that though we are a civilized people who love the beautiful life, we are nevertheless a very strong nation, that the threats to come and kill, maim and destroy on our land, the threats to come and banish us from our land, do not frighten us. We will very definitively and decisively  crush any invaders of our homeland- just as we did before in 1840”.
The new leader argued that any effort to truncate the unity that had existed in the region would be confronted with vigour.
“We shall commit to fostering and promoting ideas and agendas that will open wide doors of opportunities to our youths and women.
“We shall shall commit ourselves to serious efforts to forge the quality of Yoruba unity and morality that will impact serious strength, confidence, sense of national oneness, and sense of duty to our people.

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