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Groups fault Obasanjo, others for condemning Buhari administrative style

By News Desk

A coalition of Northern Youth has criticised former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, claim that Nigeria had become a failed state under President Muhammadu Buhari, just as it described the former president’s claim on the country as against realities.

The youths under the aegis of Arewa Youths Parliament urged Nigerians not to pay attention to the former president and others that supported his ideas and alleged that Obasanjo’s criticisms were his usual tactics of attacking governments that failed to accept his agenda.

Addressing newsmen on Thursday in Sokoto State, the secretary of the coalition, Abdurrahman Umar, alleged that Obasanjo should not have complained about the government considering atrocities perpetrated under his tenure between 1999 and 2007.

Umar, who cautioned the former president to stop criticizing the Buhari-led administration, stated that continued attack on the present government would always remind the public of his administrative style.

He stressed that Obasanjo made fiery allegations against Buhari but did not offer corroborating evidences to justify his claim and rather presented reams of words to back his claims.

”We view the recent attacks by Obasanjo on Buhari’s leadership as another attempt to bring out his previous government failures. There was nothing tangible done by Obasanjo as a President then that was not self-serving and disadvantageous to national interests as he could not corroborate his allegations with facts.

“Obasanjo has many things unto himself, his recent contributions to political discourse wherein he alleged that Nigeria is divided under the leadership of Buhari is an indication that he suffers from exceedingly faulty memory.

The secretary of the group said that Obasanjo should ordinarily be the last to complain about state of the nation considering the unalloyed miscarriage of justice perpetrated under his tenure.

He advised the former president to position himself to be the father of the nation and offer advice to the administration on governance.

”The global economy wanted to fuel Nigeria’s growth, everybody wanted Nigeria to succeed after emerging from years of obnoxious military rule.

“Instead of being a unifying figure as the Commander-in-Chief, he lowered himself to be divisive, vindictive conniver as there was no one who came to his company for a period with whom he did not fall out if he expressed divergent issue contrary to his mind.

”Obasanjo’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) boasted that it will rule for 60 years, never did they boasted to govern Nigeria well during even one year.

”He could have placed the economy on the path of durable growth and shared prosperity through diversification, industrialisation and creation of a societal safety to the benefit of the poor as being done by the present government,” he added.

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