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Group begins grassroots mobilisation for Osinbajo’s presidency ahead 2023

By Idowu Abdullahi

Ahead of 2023 general elections, a group that identified itself with Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, Osinbajo Grassroots Organisation (OGO), has disclosed that plans have been concluded to begin grassroots mobilisation and campaign for Osinbajo’s presidency for consolidation and continuity of Next Level agenda.

The group explained that with his proven track record and supportive role to President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration, it was important someone of Osinbajo’s caliber, who is committed to project Nigeria and understands her dynamics, take the mantle of leadership in 2023 and further drive the developmental agenda.

As stated, the group would be working across the 36 states of the Federation to garner support for Osinbajo’s presidency and ensure Nigerians see reasons why the vice president deserves to lead the country and what the future holds for youth with him serving as Africa’s most populous country’s president.

The group’s National Convener, Foluso Ojo, said that with Osinbajo’s unique leadership qualities, it was important members of the group take to streets, states across the country in sensitising and educating Nigerians on why the likes of the vice president deserve to rule Nigeria.

Speaking during the group’s second edition of ‘OSINBAJO DAY’ during the weekend, Ojo noted that with Osinbajo’s track records, he deserves the opportunity to truly build on gains recorded in the present administration and take Nigeria to greater heights after the next level’s administration elapses in 2023.

“As we have said in our earlier releases this is our initiative. We no longer will sit on the sidelines and wait for some self-serving individuals and politicians to saddle us with a leadership that will bring us misery and sadness.

“President Buhari has built a solid foundation, we, therefore, must ensure that whoever comes after him will rather build a beautiful edifice on it than demolish it. We have seen in this man that person who shares the vision of Mr President and has similar selfless attributes as him,” Ojo said in his address titled ‘Unhappy Is The Land That Has No Heroes’.

According to him, Osinbajo is one who can inspire hope in the young. One whose word is his bond. One who is not after personal aggrandizement. One who in our nation has given a new meaning to loyalty and dependability.

“This is not a time for long speeches. It is rather a time to reflect and celebrate an iconic leader, who by God’s grace is destined for a greater role. Our purpose of gathering here is not for any reason other than to celebrate the unique leadership qualities of Prof. Oluyemi Oluleke Osinbajo. We are celebrating him because if we have lost hope, he has given hope back to us. If the future looks dark and bleak he is shining light on it.

“The theme of this year’s celebration is clear: ‘Osinbajo: The Future Beckons’ and with it, we are appealing to Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo to throw his hat into the ring and take up higher responsibility having worked diligently with the President and with great results to show.

“We are also calling on all of us gathered here today to assume the role of apostles by going out there to preach the gospel according to Osinbajo. He is our leader, he is our actualiser and I want you all to become the brand ambassadors. We should go out and market him across Nigeria as that man who has the magic wand to take us to the promised land.

“This country, and our generation, requires a hero, one that can inspire us to great deeds. As young people we have longed for a hero. We have found heroic attributes in Osinbajo. Even if he were not a politician, even if he will not contest for public office now nor in the future, this man deserves to be celebrated for who he is and for the symbols he offers and projects to young Nigerians. It is for this reason, and many more that we have chosen, at personal sacrifice, to build a movement around him.

“If Heaven does not completely abandon this land of the Gods, there must be an uprising of grass-roots heroes.,” so says Yoshida Shoin a Japanese politician. It is that uprising we want to unleash as young men and women to create our own heroes with whom we shall salvage this country.

“Who knows, your voice, my voice, and Osinbajo’s voice may be the redeeming voice for our nation which is presently being badgered and buffeted by shouts of divisiveness and disunity. Osinbajo may be the one to point our teeming youths to the right path. He may be the one to awaken in us that creative energy that will bring our country back to reckoning and make all Nigerians proud once again of their God-given country,” he said.

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