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Governors confirm side effect free on COVID-19 vaccine

By News Desk

The Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) has joined several Nigerians in throwing their support behind the continued rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine across the country, saying there was no point halting the rollout.

The NGF, a forum that has 36 state governors across Nigeria as its members, said that contrary to several rumors online, there were no reports of side effects from those who have received the jabs in the country.

The Forum Chairman, Kayode Fayemi, noted that the vaccine was safe for use and that it was important the country continues with its rollout rather than record more fatalities to the pandemic complications.

Through a communique issued at the NGF teleconference meeting on Wednesday, Fayemi, who is also the Ekiti State Governor, said that it was important the decision-makers ignore the rumors being peddled around and focus on protecting Nigerian citizens.

Furthermore, Fayemi congratulated his colleagues for accepting to be vaccinated and declared that so far, the vaccines have not shown any signs of side effects as reported.

The governors, in their response, reiterated their belief in the safety of the AstraZeneca vaccine and agreed to continuously encourage uptake of the vaccines by all eligible persons in their states.

They, however, called on the people to report any adverse events noticed after taking the vaccine jabs.

The Forum’s COVID-19 Technical Advisory Group (CTAG) led by Professor Oyewale Tomori briefed members on the status of the COVID-19 vaccine roll out across the States including the increasing concerns of the public on the safety of AstraZeneca vaccines. CTAG recommended that Nigeria should continue to vaccinate all eligible persons with the AstraZeneca vaccine in line with the latest WHO recommendations as available evidence, including findings from research in which some CTAG members are involved showing that the Astra Zeneca vaccine is safe.

Governors reiterated their belief in the safety of the Astra Zeneca vaccines and commit to continuously encourage uptake of the vaccines by all eligible persons in their States, Governors also encourage the public to report any adverse events noticed following COVID-19 vaccination.

Meanwhile, the forum also received a presentation from the British Deputy High Commissioner (DHC) in Lagos, Nigeria, Ben Llewellyn-Jones, on the Accelerated C-19 Economic Support (ACES) programme which is aimed at supporting Nigeria’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

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