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Global commerce body appoints sub-Saharan Africa tallest model as ambassador

By News Desk,

The Sub-Saharan Africa tallest model, Bakare Mubarak, has been appointed as Ambassador of Business Liaison and Education, Culture by the 6th Region Global Chamber of Commerce.

As gathered, the appointment was in line with the global commerce body’s commitment to singling out young achievers who have made an impact across the black continent with their chosen profession.

Confirming his appointment through a letter recently, the group’s Founder and Board Chairman, Dr Melida Barrow, said that the model would be coming on board to help the body in advancing its cause and gain wider reach across Africa.

He added that the appointment of the cultural ambassador and consultant was also to deepen the continent’s acceptability across the global markets, particularly in the area of economic development, education, culture, business, and trade.

“Dear Mr Mubarak, it is my pleasure to appoint you as the ambassador of business liaison, education and culture worldwide for the 6th Region Global Chamber of Commerce. On behalf of our staff and partners, we say welcome.

“Our goal is to establish connections and foster communication for economic development, education, culture, business, and trade in Africa.

“We have created a “new” Global Business Model between Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas. We are educating nations, giving priority to the youth and women in order to broaden their knowledge of trade, and the global economy,” the letter read in part.

Mubarak recently visited the ancient town of Badagry in Lagos in commemoration of Black History Month, and Kenya where he called for the development of culture, tourism, and empowerment of young Africans in order to inspire growth on the continent.

Meanwhile, the model was also last year honoured as the 2020 African Youth Ambassador by the African Achievers Awards in recognition of his outstanding contribution to development of the continent.

Mubarak’s recognition, as gathered, was in line with the organiser’s culture of showcasing individuals, who have contributed and impacted society in their own way.

Standing at a towering height of 6ft 9in, the 25-year-old model, who is also a cultural Ambassador and Consultant, was celebrated alongside great African Achievers from African Leaders, Young Achievers, Community Builders to Captains of Industries across the continent during the award 10th anniversary on yesterday.

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