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Ghana deploys contactless drones to conduct large coronavirus tests

By NewsDesk, with agency report, 

The Ghanaian Government has taking advantage of technology in fighting Coronavirus by deploying contactless drones to conduct test on people across identified regions,  with 57,000 samples been tested with two weeks of the introducing device.

Where other west African countries had employed manual ways of conducting tests, the black stars’ nation confirmed to had testes 57,000 samples with help of the drones, and also made the task faster.

Meanwhile, Ghana Health Service  had recently showed 834 confirmed infection cases, with nine mortality from the  COVID-19,  and tested 57,000 coronavirus samples.

The Chief Executive, Zipline , Keller Rinaudo, disclosed that Ghanaian government was steps ahead of other African nations in terms of measure having taking advantage of technology in controlling possible spread of coronation in the country compare to other countries where test were been conducted manually.

Through a statement released on Monday from his office, the company handling the  drone initiative, Rinaudo hinted the device had deliver blood, vaccines and other essential medical equipment to rural areas of Ghana and that adoption of technology had made task easier for the country.

According to him, Ghana is using delivery drones from U.S.-based startup Zipline to enable it to test people more quickly outside major cities for the novel coronavirus.

He said: “Using contactless drone delivery to transport COVID-19 test samples will allow the government to respond to the pandemic and help save lives more quickly,”.

“We operated our first coronavirus test flight on April 1 and will now fly samples collected from more than 1,000 health facilities in rural areas to laboratories in the capital Accra and to Kumasi, the second-largest city.

“Zipline, which already operates fleets of drones in Ghana and Rwanda to deliver blood, vaccines and other essential medical equipment to rural areas, is working with the Ministry of Health to enable the coronavirus sample flights”, he added.

Rinaudo explained  that using drones would cut delivery time for test samples from hours, with trucks needing to traverse rural roads to collect tests from multiple hospitals, to under an hour in some cases.

He stated that his technology company was mandated to operate daily for the duration of the Government’s COVID-19 response efforts.

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