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Gernot Rohr’s sack and NFF silence 

By Adewale Ajayi


I am disappointed when journalists still come inbox to ask me if it is true that Gernot Rohr has been sacked?

Everyone should please stop asking these questions please. Now let’s set the records straight. 

The NFF has released, excused and disengaged Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr. For all of you calling the NFF president asking if Rohr has been sacked the expected answer is a blatant NO!.

The NFF has no right to tell anyone they have sacked Rohr until all conditions have been met.

He is still under contract until December 2022 so any attempt to say he was sacked is tantamount to a breach of contract and the implications are massive.

The NFF is happy to also inform all of us that there is no clause in the contract that puts the federation at the mercy of Rohr. If anything, it is Gernot Rohr that signed himself into trouble with his last contract.

As it stands, all those stories about a severance package of 1m dollars, 2m dollars or whatever, are all lies there is not severance package anywhere. What both parties agreed is that the NFF lawyers and Rohr’s lawyers or reps should sit down and work out the modalities. First, there is the 12months in 2022 and other minor outstandings. Now this is the agreement.


That the NFF is willing and ready to pay him till the end of his contract which expires in December 2022. The agreement is that the payment could be done monthly or a lump sum of 3 to 6 months paid at any given time.

The reason why Rohr has not officially been given a sack letter is because the NFF did not sack him. He is still under contract but he is no longer the coach of our National team. He has the freedom to hang around, meet with his ladies in Lagos, Warri, Abuja and Uyo but he cannot mingle with the players or the officials and should not be seen around the team camp for now.

As part of the agreement, any day Gernot Rohr signs a new contract with another country or club, that effectively terminates his contract with Nigeria and ends whatever payment he is getting from the NFF.

It is a very complicated issue and all parties are handling it with the highest level of maturity needed.

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