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Germany earmarks 50 million euros for repatriation of stranded tourists

By NewsDesk,

The German Government has announced it has earmarked a sum of 50 million euros aimed at covering repatriation expenses over its people who have found themselves stranded in several countries across the world, following spread of the deadly coronavirus.

It explained that since advent of the novel global pandemic, flight scehdules were negatively affected with countries’ effecting strict flight restrictions with aim to curb possible spread of the viral infection, and which have made it difficult for German tourists to return home.

The country’s Foreign Ministet, Heiko Maas, stated that the government placed premium on lives and wellbeing of its people and as such, was not comfortable knowing that the coronavirus breakout had caused many to be left stranded in other countries, where, she noted, they might not have access to opportunities which were open to them in Germany.


Speaking on the repatriation move, Maas, revealed that though the German government understood that the air transport would be reduced to barest minimum due to challenges posed by the virus, the country would not fold its arm and neglect the needs of their citizens but was ready  to finds ways around the constrains and bring its people home.

The minister, while addressing a press conference in the country, on Tuesday, explained that the government was set to commence sending repatriation flights for stranded German tourists in Morocco, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines and the Maldives, and that necessary procedures had been put in place to adequately screen, test, quarantine and treat if necessary, in a bid to ensure that no coronavirus threat was posed to Germans as a result of the exercise.

She added that those certified to be coronavirus free would be reunited with their families and that others would be closely monitored and treated to ensure that the country gained full control over scourge of coronavirus.

Daas urged Germans to review their travelling plans and stay in the country pending when the global pandemic would be over, saying that such would forestall occurence of newly stranded cases in other countries.

She also encouraged people to adhere to high standards of personal hygiene, adding that such practice by the people would go a long way to curtail spread of the viral disease.

“We don’t want to see further tourists stranded abroad. For this reason we have decided to issue a warning against all touristic trips abroad. Please stay at home”.

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