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Fire wrecks South African parliament building

By Esther Kalu

Fire has wrecked the South African parliament complex with flames bursting from the roof of a building and a plume of smoke that could be seen from miles away.

The authorities stated that since the fire, there have been no reports or records of any casualties involved in the unfortunate incident, adding that the cause of the blaze was not yet known.

Several hours after the blaze started in the legislative capital Cape Town, thick smoke was said to have poured from one of the several buildings that make up the parliament complex.

Confirming the fire outbreak, the Public Works and Infrastructure Minister, Patricia De Lille assured that the blaze was under control, adding that it was currently burning in the National Assembly chamber, but had been contained in other parts.

However, according to Cape Town mayoral committee member responsible for safety and security, Jean-Pierre Smith, Initial reports indicated that the fire started in an office space and spread towards a gym around the axis.

“Thick smoke billowed from the roof of the building and from the entrance as emergency services sprayed water inside.” he said.

The authorities said that after several hours that firefighters who came to rescue had the situation under control.

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