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FCMB: Adam Nuru and Alaafin’s male child

By Abike Omowunni

There was a king of the old Oyo empire whose name was Tella at birth. He later became known more as Alaafin Abipa, Ọba a m’oro! He was the younger brother to Alaafin Orompotoniyun. He got the name Abipa through an event that shaped his life and reign forever.

At some point in Alaafin Abipa’s life, he had something that he personally coveted more than anything else. Something you could call a selfish aim. He wanted to achieve what four predecessors of his couldn’t achieve – Moving the seat of power back to old Oyo.

Alaafin Ofinran had tried and failed. He actually died trying. Alaafin Eguguoju also tried and failed. Alaafin Ajiboyede had the same fate. Alaafin Orompotoniyun couldn’t achieve it. When Tella became king, he swore he would get it done. The people of Oyo were already comfortable in Igboho but Tella had the personal wish he wanted to achieve. He MUST MOVE THE SEAT OF POWER!

Because all his attempts failed too, Alaafin Tella sought the help of a sorcerer. The sorcerer told him that for him to achieve his personal ambition, a baby of less than 3 months old must be pounded alive! Blood, flesh, bones, and sinews of the baby would be used as propitiation.

Alaafin Tella looked around Oyo Kingdom. He saw babies that met the requirements that he needed, but he couldn’t get himself to use any of the babies. When asked why he tarried, the Alaafin would say “I can’t bear to see my subjects cry in the anguish of losing a baby”. So he left them.

One of the King’s wives was 7 months old pregnant, at the time all of these were happening. Two months later, the queen got into labour and she was delivered a male child.

As was the custom, as the child was delivered, even with natal blood still all over the baby’s body, he was taken to his father, Alaafin Tella, for blessings. The Alaafin took less than 1-day old baby and summoned the sorcerer to the palace. He handed the baby to the sorcerer, and the baby was pounded to a pulp. Alaafin Tella couldn’t kill other people’s children, but he killed his own!

Because of the fact that he had a baby and killed the baby, he got the name Àbípa (one who birthed and killed). He later arrested some deformed beings thought to be gnomes/spirits on Ajaka hills and he became known as Ọba a m’ọ̀rọ̀ (the king who arrests demons) . He was thus more popularly called Alaafin Àbípa,  Oba a m’ọ̀rọ̀.

Some people say Alaafin Abipa was a bad MAN (for killing his own child),  but everyone agrees he was a good KING (for his official achievement).

Though a shareholder of FCMB, I ordinarily would not have bothered about the personal life of Nuhu Adams so long he doesn’t commit any criminal offense against the state, nor violate any written policy of the bank. I think the same applies to a host of other shareholders out there. Naturally, as investors, we care about FCMB as a going concern and the bottom line.

Unfortunately, matters of the heart and consensual amorous relationships between adults should be their private business. Of course, in the case of this saga, it is believed that the lady involved was married at the time of their liaison which was a personal failing of both her and Nuhu.

However, since I do not have all the facts of the matter (and it usually is difficult to know the whole story about amorous relationships), I sincerely believe that the parties involved should fix this quietly within themselves.

It is even more unfortunate in this circumstance as the reported death of the husband; or former husband of the lady, as the case may be, complicates the matter; but for the sake of the children involved, the families, other staff, customers, and shareholders of FCMB that this matter is handled with tact and respect for both the living and the departed.

It is a big lesson indeed that an excellent banking professional and a business leader like Nuhu has in his tenure achieved over 200% Return on investment in our share values from N1.10k when he became the CEO in 2017 to N3.50k as at December 2020 could find himself in this situation. I am of the opinion that this one failing should not be cause for all, especially FCMB’s Directors and shareholders to throw this good MD/CEO of the Bank under the bus.

I hold no brief for Nuhu Adams on the accusations of philandering, I don’t know if it’s true or not. I also do not know Mr. Tunde Thomas or the actual cause of his demise, but I know that every human life lost is irreplaceable and I condole with his family, friends, and sympathisers. I sincerely wish his soul rests in peace.

As a woman myself, I would also refrain from castigating Moyo, Tunde’s wife because I have no knowledge of what the understanding in their family is. But as a shareholder of FCMB,  I would openly plead with the general public to please sheathe the swords of this campaign of calumny against the bank!

Like Alaafin Abipa, we may argue over Nuhu being a good man, but there is no argument on his being a successful MD/CEO.

– Abike Omowunni
Entrepreneur and serial investor.

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