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Fashion trends to embrace ahead rainy season

Rainy season is just around the corner, and that of the year 2020 is fraught with uncertainty due to climate change challenges, as well as the recent announcement by the Lagos State Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, that residents should prepare for 240 to 270 days of rain, and predicting that the year’s rainfall is expected to begin on March 19 and end, November 22.

With the rains so closely upon us, here are your fashion must haves to help you stay chic and look your best while staying dry!

  1. Get an Umbrella!!

Not just any old umbrella though, pick something functional and fancy! A sturdy umbrella in a lovely pastel color is always nice, or you could choose one in your favorite color, you could even pick something neutral that would match any outfit of your choice…remember, your umbrella is as much a necessity as it is a fashion statement!

2. Boot it up!!

Score yourself some fashionable, sturdy boots to protect your dainty feet from the murk that runs out on the streets once it rains. You’ll look classy, walk tall and keep your feet and pants dry, all at the same time! Make sure you look out for great quality boots. They could be any style you are more comfortable with: thigh high if you are hunting for an edgy look or basic calf-lenght for the unadventurous.

3. Jackets are a woman’s best friend!

The perfect accessory to any outfit is that chic, stylish and super warm jacket. Choosing the right style, cut or fit of jacket to match your rainy day outfits might feel like a waste of time but the rewards are oh, so worth it as the correct jacket choice could either take your outfit up several notches or leave you dropped down in the style dumps!

4. Invest in a big bag.

Time to lose the mini-bags and midi-bags. Why? Because they are sooo last season! And they would not hold all your belongings anyway, so its a no brainer right? Once the rains begin, you would find that it is easier having all your items carefully placed in one bag, rather than having to drag several luggage items around, in the soaking rain.

Yes, the rains are coming, but they are not reason enough to lose your sense of style or fashion, bare some skin if you have a mind to, stay well put together, stay fashionable and remain bright, be the sun shining through the grey cast rainy skies and create great fashion moments, in the rain or out!


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