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FAAN readies for flight resumption, sets guidelines

By Idowu Abdullahi,

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has disclosed its readiness to reopen airports and resume flight operations, sayings guidelines have been put in place to guide the airports’ operation, and that of travelers as the country battle to gain lasting control against coronavirus.

It explained that the new guidelines to be followed as the country prepares to reopen airports were to support the measures put in place by the Federal Government to mitigate the spread of coronavirus in the country.

FAAN General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Henrietta Yakubu, said part of the guidelines in place for passenger facilitation ahead of flight resumption, was to ensure strict adherence to social distancing, temperature screening, wearing of face masks, disinfection of shoes and luggage of passengers will be the new order.

Yakubu, who disclosed this while speaking at an aviation webinar organized by Women in Aviation (WIA) with the theme: “Aviation: The New Norm in the post COVID”, also disclosed that escorts of VIPs would no longer be allowed to follow their principals into the terminal, while their principals would be subjected to all health screening protocols.

According to her, with the new guidelines, passengers will be delayed because of long hours of checks and re-checks right from when they arrive at the airport till their departure.

“We are going to expect flight delays, flights will experience delays from checks and re-checks. If you are traveling, I will expect a potential traveler to leave home hours before his flight. Why do I say this?

”Because there are going to be a lot of checks in front of the terminal we have been told that some may activities and procedures will take place in front of the terminal. So air travelers are expected to leave home very early so that they can get to the airport on time.” she said.

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