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EU pushes COVID-19 global response to Biden’s doorstep

By News Desk, with agency report

The European Union has urged the United States President-elect, Joe Biden, to take the mantle of leadership in leading the global response against coronavirus ravaging all continents.

It indicated that since the US outgoing leader, Donald Trump, failed in providing quality leadership in battling the deadly respiratory disease, particularly his administration’s much-criticised slow response, it had become imperative for the incoming leader to take decisive action in saving the world.

The European Union Foreign Policy chief, Josep Borrell, said that the world needs American leadership in the battle against COVID-19, particularly during such times the globe was battling its second wave and new variant.

He noted that it was important for the United States to retake its place as “an engine of the world” and help at a time the rich countries were contracting far more doses of various coronavirus vaccines than poorer ones.

“The world will face this year one of the biggest challenges to vaccinating humankind. This will require a lot of solidarity, a lot of cooperation, and quite a lot of resources,” Borrell told newsmen.

“This is the first global crisis in which the American leadership has been missing and the world needs American leadership,” Borrell said, pledging EU support to Washington.

In a pandemic that has killed almost 400,000 Americans and threatened the U.S. economy, President Donald Trump’s handling of the virus has been criticised at home, weakening any broad international response.

Borrell also proposed rebuilding transatlantic ties after the Trump era, describing his ‘America First’ approach as governing by Twitter.

“Only with two things, the U.S. coming back to the climate agreement and rejoining the nuclear deal with Iran, the world will much better and more secure,” he said on Trump’s last full day as president.

“After governing by tweeting, maybe we can go to governing using another way of communication, defining positions and taking into the account the problems and interests of others,” Borrell said from his office in the European Commission.

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