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EU advocates for continue child vaccination

By NewsDesk,

The European Union has encouraged member nations to continue administration of child vaccination programs, saying that the rise in incidence of coronavirus should not stop the provision of such disease preventive measures.

It said that though countries were faced with the health threat posed by Covid-19, the future results if vaccination is neglected could hold worse possibilities for the nations and the world in general.

The Director of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Andrea Ammon, said that lack of adequate vaccination would lead to nations having residents who have not received important immunization shots against several deadly diseases.

Ammon, who spoke to newsmen on Monday, decried the move by some member countries to stop vaccinations pending the time that coronavirus would be put in control, saying that such actions would cause serious problems in coming days.

She stated that important vaccinations such as measles and poliomyelitis were essential to be administered to children when due, and that failure to do so would leave the you get generation unprotected from future disease occurrences.

“It is very clear we will get pockets of people, children, who have not been vaccinated”, she said.

The director lauded countries in which regular vaccinations were still being administered to children despite the challenges posed by coronavirus and urged nations with suspended immunization programs to reconsider such decisions.

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