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Ethiopian Airlines appoints new manager for Abuja

A new Traffic and Sales Manager, Senait Ataklet has been appointed by Ethiopian Airlines for Abuja, Nigeria.

The new manager joined the airline in 2002 and has served in different departments and positions where she acquired extensive experience in the aviation industry. She specializes in customer services and sales, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information System and has earned numerous certificates in customer services and aviation management.

She led the airline’s holiday product development team in Addis Ababa before her posting to Abuja.

At Addis Ababa she contributed a lot to the development of the department combining the airline and tourism industry. She proved herself as an expert on sales for inbound and outbound trip packages attracting different types of visitors to new and existing destinations.

She brings her passion for tourism to the capital of Nigeria hoping to take “Connecting Africa to the world” to a higher level. Her vision is to “make a difference in development of our nations”. She hopes to grow tourism into Nigeria and from Nigeria by combining her experience in tourism and aviation.

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