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EndSARS protests violence and terrorism

By Tunde Jakande


It should be obvious to Lagos State Government that it has a huge problem with the influx of thousands of youths who throng the city in search of a better life.

Many of these youths are unskilled, uneducated and relatively unemployable. A lot of them are desperately hungry for wealth and the glitz and glamour displayed by successful people around them, fuels the temptation to get rich quick at all costs.

A drive around lagos expose the extent of danger ahead. From Oshodi to mushin, orile agege to mile two, just about every where you go, thousands of young people roam the streets from morning till night doing nothing except wait for opportunities to strike.

Many of these youths are not really interested in the petty jobs like car wash and shoe shinning. They want to score big. They want the big cars, the girls and the booze.

Many therefore position themselves close to government institutions and politicians hoping and waiting for when their services will be needed.

Protests and riots are usually the perfect opportunity to attack society and this is exactly what happened during the #endsars protest.

Unfortunately organisers of that protest and similar ones do not realise that in Nigeria, Lagos in particular , there cannot be anything like peaceful protest. The poverty level is too damn high and these guys are in hundreds of thousands. Even with police presence, most of these dare devil thugs still engage in criminal activity without fear.

Unfortunately last Tuesday event may just be a tip of the iceberg. Frustrated by lack of opportunities in their state, Lagos is the only destination of choice and hope.

Since no visa is required to enter lagos, how can the state government ensure the these guys stay off crime?


Lagos must fortify and refortify her security network. The government has to continue to equip and re-quip security officials. The state must demand for more police officers. The process of Community police and policing must be accelerated and be more vigorous.


Many of these guys have no accommodatio . They hang out at bus stops, markets, sleazy hotels, under bridges and notorious street waiting for the cover of darkness to strike.

Lagos must continue to press for special recognition and special funds because this city can bring down the entire country if there is a security breach. Lagos needs all the funds and assistance from the federal government to fortify security.

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