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EndSARS: Buhari, celebrities and public infrastructures

By Michael Ogueke

Yeyebrities & Lack of Shame

Nigerian music and film celebrities turned EndSARS protests into “Buhari Must Go” street insurrection claiming the President has not done anything to improve Nigeria.

Recently, the music artists, film actors, actresses, their directors & producers are shamelessly falling over themselves to seek approval from NRC to shoot movies & music videos inside the world-class ultra modern Buhari trains & train stations which their umbrella thieves sponsors who funded their EndSARS destruction of Nigeria claimed their government could not afford during their 16 years of locusts.
Many of the yeye-brities are dying to use the first-class Buhari trains that are more exotic, more comfortable with its state of the art facilities than many airplanes plying within Nigeria, and safer too but shame does not allow them to go near the trains.

This is what film producer, Rogers Ofime has to say as he was unveiling what he called a new film experience with his new movie –

‘Conversations in Transit’ shot almost entirely on the world-class Buhari train from Ebute Metta station, Lagos & all the way to Ibadan;

“…for the first time in Nigeria and in most of Africa, a movie will be shot almost entirely on a moving train. It is indeed a great feat for us at Native Media, the Nigerian movie industry, and Nigeria as a nation.

We believe progress should be acknowledged and applauded, and we also believe we can change the Nigerian narrative, and the stories of our nation and our people are told in a positive light despite our agelong challenges.

We are using this opportunity to showcase the Nigerian project and how far we have come in infrastructural development, especially as these trains can be compared to what obtains anywhere in the world.

It is a good step in the right direction, and we ought to be proud of this as a people. With Native Media taking the lead on a project of this nature, we believe more movie production companies will take a cue from this initiative and do more of promoting our nation’s laudable achievements.”

Buhari go reset brains before he leaves office & the sponsored haters will one day wish he comes back!

Michael Ogueke is a public affairs analyst

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