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Ekiti Gov. kicks against Yoruba secession, pushes for power devolution

By News Desk

Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, has disclosed that calling for devolution of power was more appropriatiate in solving challenges bedeviling the country rather than secessionist agitation being championed by some groups in the country.

Through devolution of power, the governor said, more would be achieved in managing Nigeria’s diversity and that would help in proffering solutions to long-time ethnic sentiments beclouding Nigerians’ sentiments.

Fayemi noted that despite the perceived lapses, Nigerians stand to gain more in being united as against dissolving the country into different parts

Speaking on a popular Television show on Tuesday, Fayemi who admitted that those championing secessions are doing so out of frustration maintained that it was important for the country to explore other options.

According to him, frankly, when you have stress and laxity in society, you’re bound to find a whole range of responses.

“Some rational, some irrational, some that speak to the fears of the people, some opportunistic and harebrained. There’s no question that some of the reactions we’ve seen will fall into all of those categories,”

He expressed optimism that the country will triumph and survive the challenges it is currently faced with.

He said the time has come for the devolution of power and that the country needs to adopt other measures at managing its diversity.

“I have gone on record to say that I have unfailing optimism that in spite of all our challenges, this country will triumph and we’ll survive current challenges. We as leaders must focus on the goal of protecting lives and property, and focus on safety and security as the primary responsibility that we have,” Fayemi said.

“The people who are talking about secession frankly, some of them are doing it out of frustration. I don’t think that’s the solution to the Nigerian predicament right now.

“In matters of economic development, we may need to begin to look at other ways of managing diversity and difference in our country and that devolution of power is an idea whose time has come.”

It would be recalled that Fayemi’s Ondo State counterpart, Rotimi Akeredolu, dissociated his state from the calls for the secession of the South-West from Nigeria.

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