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Egypt buries former president amids eulogies, military honour

By Idowu Abdullahi, 

The Egyptians have bid their former President, Hosni Mubarak, who was laid to rest, farewell amidst torrents of eulogies and military decorations marking end of a leader said to have ruled Egypt for about three decades untill he stepped aside after the Arab Springs uprising in 2011.

Mubarak’s corpse, which arrived in a horse drawn carriage draped  in Egyptian colors, was greeted by canon fire and full military honors due an elder statesman and  former military head of the country, and was followed by a procession led by Egypt President, Abdel Al-Sisi in company of the deceased two sons Alaa and Gamal Mubarak.

Sources in the country said that the stately funeral procession had been attended by several of the deceased contemporaries, elder statesmen and Egyptian politicians who had trooped out to pay final respects to a great leader and offer condolences to wife and family of the deceased.

They explained that the sombre atmosphere was true to mood of mourning in which the throngs of Egyptians who came to pay respects to their former ruler were in, adding that now, after his death, many had come to realise how true a patriot Mubarak had been during his lifetime.

Mubarak (91), who had died on Tuesday in hospital after underging a surgery, was laid to rest according to Islamic rites on Wednesday, at the Field Marshall Tantawi mosque family burial compound, amidst crowd of supporters, friends, family and citizens of the state.

Another source at the funeral expressed happiness at the honours being bestowed on the deceased and said that Mubarak had been a great leader who was greatly misunderstood, saying that the country was giving honour to one to which it was due.



“This is how we send off a great man who stood for Egypt through many tough years, he was a true patriot. This funeral is history of 30 years, it is farewell of 30 years. His pride has been restored, and we as Egyptians have come to show our appreciation of his life”.


Mubarak is survived by his wife and two sons.







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