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Edo Govt. debunks owing College lecturers’ arrears

By Idowu Abdullahi,

The Edo State Government has refuted claims that it was owing lecturers of the defunct state-owned college of Education, Ekiadolor, declaring that it is not indebted to the college’s lecturers.

It explained that the different allegations making round and recent series of protests by the lectures necessitated the clarification as part of measures to set the records straight.

The state’s chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) alleged that the lecturers were only whipping up sentiments to cover for their act of insubordination in carrying out lawful directives.

The ruling party, through a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Chris Osa Nehikhare, explained that the staff of College of Education, Ekiadolor were asked to go and resume at Abudu with the closure of the institution but they rejected the offer, after earlier refusing to transfer their services to the state civil service.

Nehikhare noted that as a political party, “we consider these protest very serious especially as the allegations of nonpayment of salary was adduced as the reason for the protest for a government that is not owing any sector salaries including pension arrears”.

“As the college of education was winding down, staff salaries were been paid. Since the staff are workers of the state government, they were redeployed to the state College of Education with three campuses. They disobeyed the directive even after refusing to be absorbed into the state civil service.

“It would have been abnormal, irresponsible and financially reckless for the state government to pay workers that have been recalcitrant and disobeying lawful directives when their actions and decisions suggest they are no longer interested in working for the state government.

“The affected staff are urged to comply with the directive of the state government and stop embarrassing themselves in the guise of protesting,” the statement read.

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