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Dino Melaye urges FG to halt 5G mobile network development

By News Desk

The former chairman, Senate Committee on Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Dino Melaye, has urged the Federal Government to shelve any plans to introduce high-speed 5G wireless internet in Nigeria.

Melaye, who represented Kogi state at the senate, added that the government should toe the line of Belgium Government that has halted the mobile network installation over fears for the health of citizens.

The former chairman’s appeal came four months after Nigeria became the first country in West Africa to engage in the trial of 5G technology with MTN that rode on the regulatory and technical platform provided by NCC to carry out proof- of -concept trial of the novel technology.

Melaye made the appeal after observing the steps taken by the Belgian government to halt the plan that it had earlier concluded an agreement with three telecom operators.

According to the Region, it is now impossible to estimate the radiation from the antennas required for the service.

5G is the fifth generation cellular network technology. The industry association 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) defines any system using “5G NR software as, “5G”. it allows the seamless use of technologies like virtual realities, augmented realities, streamed Blu-ray quality video, driverless cars, drones, Internet of Things, etc.

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