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Denmark reopens embassy, backs fight against insurgency in Iraq

By News Desk.

In the bid to boost bilateral ties with Iraq, Denmark Government has reopened its embassy in Baghdad after several years of closure to protect Denish citizens.

Aside from reopening its embassy, the government, as the new leader of a Noth Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) led mission in the country,  also assured the Iraqi government that it would provide adequate support towards ending insurgency in the country.

The new leader of NATO explained that reopening of the embassy and fight against Islamic State (IS) would help address cases of migration and counter-terrorism.

Denmark’s commitment to the Arab country came as it prepares to take over NATO mission in the country from Canada at the end of 2020,

as the new leader of the NATO-led mission in Iraq to assist in the aspect of developing Iraqi security operations.

Denmark Foreign Minister, Jeppe Kofod, who spoke on behalf of the government on Thursday, confirmed decisions taken by the Danish government to reduce the influence of IS in Iraq and assist in developing security operations.

“With our commitment, we help to ensure that Islamic State doesn’t once again gain a foothold in the region and thus the opportunity to threaten Europe and Denmark”, Kofod said in a statement.

As gathered, the NATO Training Mission-Iraq (NTM-I),  a non-combat mission, was established in 2004 at the request of the Iraqi Interim Government under the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 1546.

The aim of NTM-I is said to assist in the development of Iraqi security forces training structures and institutions so that Iraq can build an effective and sustainable capability that addresses the needs of the nation.

Denmark said the embassy would open an embassy in Baghdad this autumn as part of its efforts to help combat Islamic State and contribute to the stabilization of the situation in both Iraq and Syria.

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