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COVID-19 and new era for education system

By Sulaiman Salau,

The Coronavirus pandemic has apparently come to change the narrative in the nation’s education sector and this is no more a speculation, but reality.

At present, schools, educationists, students and stakeholders are at crossroad on whether schools should resume or not. The debate has continued at all levels in government and private sector, but the meeting point has always been safety for the students or pupils.

Although the COVID-19 curves in Nigeria has refused to flatten, rather the figures has been dangling, making it difficult for a concrete agreement to be reached on school maters. Weather we like it or not, schools will resume (sooner or latter). The fact remains that the pandemic will forever change the narrative in Nigeria’s educational system.
For schools:

The percentage of schools that will adopt digital learning will rise geometrically, having tasted the new technology during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, digital learning is the new global trend. I call it the “game changer”.

A lot of Nigerian institutions of learning were yet to come into terms with e-learning until now, but the post-coronavirus will herald more acceptable digital learning regime in Nigerian schools.Obviously, the learning technique is capital intensive, but more affordable techniques are gradually surfacing and may take the center stage in few years to come.Please note that digital learning is different from distance learning.
Some schools will increase tuition fees, going by the cost incurred as a result of safety precautions, digital learning, and teachers’ welfare among others.

As a school owner, don’t take the back seat, thing creativity, be dynamic, take a bold step and keep your business afloat.
For students: Quite a number of students and pupils in the country enjoyed the COVID-19 period, because they had more time to play, watch movies, exploit their technical competence, and enjoyed digital learning, which many were not familiar with. Of course, the enjoyment knows no bound because they eat at will and they are worry-free as to how the meals were provided, but the fact is that this situation will change their story in some ways.

The digital learning skills remain with them as much as they could develop it to an advanced level. The eaten pattern may change, but they will love to continue with the rate, even when schools resume. Technical potentials developed during the stay-at home will need to be developed and optimized for future gains. However, the level of hygiene as improved.
For Teachers: Many teachers were caught unaware by the coronavirus pandemic. Particularly private school teachers who could not earn salaries due to the lock down. My mind is with you guys at this critical moment. However, the fact is that teachers must keep upgrading themselves. Equip yourselves with every necessary tool that would make your thrive in your chosen profession. Get trained and retrained.
Some teachers could not fit into the digital learning class during the pandemic and they found themselves sinking. Always carve a niche for yourself in the post-COVID-19 era, draw your plans and make sure they are achieved.

Many teachers will dump their schools after coronavirus because the lessons of the pandemic have exposed them to their potentials in other areas. Some will eventually become school owners, lesson tutors among others because they have learnt the act during the lockdown and now believe they have their wherewithal to float it..
For Parents: Wao! Parents are great; they are bearing the COVID-19 pressures from all quarters. Some have lost their job as we speak, others have their salaries or income slashed or reduced due to government regulations towards combating the virus, but the fact remains that life continues. The children must have education. In view of this some schools will lose students to COVID-19 considering the imbalanced financial capacity of the parents.

The hygienic nature of the home has increased and will definitely improve the well being of the family. A lot of things will change in the family, but the onus lies on parents to be able to persuade and pleasantly convince the children to understand their decisions.
COVID-19 has come and it will go, but Nigeria’s education sector will not remain the same.


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