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Council election: Wisdom behind APC consensus candidate in Nasarawa

By Adamu Idris

First and foremost, I will like to start by making it categorically clear that nobody is playing politics without expecting something good in return either in kind or cash as the political jokers will not want the whole world to believe. If not so why must becoming a local government Chairman or Councillor become a do-or-die affair?

Nevertheless, as the process of consensus candidates for the forthcoming local government elections almost comes to an end in Nasarawa State, what kept many people wondering is the sudden conducting of party primaries elections for various elective positions which saw to the presentation of certificates of return to some candidates as the flag bearers of All Progressive Congress (APC).

The bitter truth is that conducting primary elections by party structures that have suffered dissolution in Nasarawa State and beyond stand null and void in the law court and as such render the celebrated candidates across the state valueless.

The electoral law and relevant sections of APC constitution doesn’t recognize the party structure or caretakers committees not to talk of capable of conducting primary elections as far as democracy is concerned.

The only soft landing for the APC party structures in Nasarawa State is to have opted for direct primaries elections instead of indirect since they are not a democratic institution.

The most annoying aspect of the whole episode was the online publication by the print and non-print media mocking the office and personality of Deputy Governor of Nasarawa State, Dr. Emmanuel A. Akabe, over the alleged failure of his candidate in the said primary election. I have been monitoring the process that led to the consensus Chairmanship candidate of Doma, Hon. Victoria Bako Opawa.

The truth of the matter is that those first stakeholders committee that came up with the report that figured out Hon. Victoria Bako Apawa, Arch. Sarki Ahmed among others should be blamed not the Deputy Governor who was not party to the committee report in question.

It will interest the general public to know that the Deputy Governor of Nasarawa State, Dr. Emmanuel Akabe gave the entire Chairmanship aspirants the ample opportunity to upturn the decision of the stakeholders by selecting anyone among the selected four by extension all aspirants but all efforts prove abortive.

It was on this premise, that the decision of Hon. Victoria Bako Apawa as the only female aspirant came to play.

Hence, the masterminded opted for option “B” which was to get the Chairmanship ticket through the back door without minding the legal implication. Those who know how to talk says “ignorance of the law is not an excuse”.

One other issue that needs to be trashed is the allegation that Senator Umaru Tanko Al-Makura sponsored the candidature of Arch Sarki Ahmed to become the party flag bearer of APC which someone like me could hardly believe such to be true. I am aware of the cold war between the subject of discussion and the distinguished senator which is not the objective of this write-up.

Senator Umaru Tanko Al-Makura that I know cannot be a party to this drama either will he turn back anyone who knocked on his door with a clean hand for blessing in the quest of aspiring for leadership. This is a true testimony of the leadership in him. He is not anti-progress.

If Senator Umaru Tanko Al-Makura actually wanted Arch Sarki Ahmed to become APC chairmanship flag bearer in Doma, it could have easily be done by discussing with the stakeholders concerned without raising any tension. Arch Sarki Ahmed is on his own. Let’s avoid missing up issues for the sake of Nasarawa State.

The situation in Doma as far as forthcoming local government elections is concerned is like going to war with a wounded general.

In all this, I’m shocked that despite the countless lawyers in the system as well as within the party structures across the State, nobody was able to draw the attention of the stakeholders concerned over the self-made time bomb waiting to explode.

Conclusively, the consensus candidates across Nasarawa State could have been the best option since we have no democratic party structures in the state. But as things stand today; any locality that produces candidates through primary elections created a scenario where opposition party candidates that came second could assume the position once it’s contested in the law court. It’s either we go back to the consensus candidate or die naturally.

I will therefore like to conclude this write-up with a popular song by American singer & songwriter Justin Timberlake that says” What Goes Around…Comes Around”.

Comrade A. A. Idris wrote-in from Doma.

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