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Comedian, Nasty Blaq, under attack over allege offensive video

By Temitope Akintoye,

Upcoming comedian, Nasty Blaq, has come under attack by several social media subscribers over his release of an allegedly offensive drama skit on his social media pages.

The online comedian was taken to task by social media users following the release of a video skit on his Twitter and Instagram pages on Monday, in which he was featured alongside a female actor, with fans saying that the video was offensive and lacked merits to be funny.

Comments castigating Nasty Blaq rolled in as his fans lamented that the video showed the artiste’s alleged support for rape culture and called for the offending skit to be deleted by the comedian.

According to a social media user, Ademola, rape was a crime and not something to be considered funny or acceptable as was being portrayed by the online skit maker.

Another former fan going by the name, Irreplaceable, expressed his opinion that comedy was not the right path for the embattled artiste and advised Nasty Blaq on a career change.

“Nasty, after this lockdown buy a very good 2006 Toyota Corolla and start doing Uber. That is the only advice I can give you because this comedy thing isn’t working for you”, he said.

For social media subscriber, @Blaise_21, the comedy skit was wrong for glorifying deviant behaviour which could serve as encouragement for youths in the society to mistreat and molest women.

He called on Nasty Blaq and other artistes to recognize the influence wielded on young fans who would like to model behaviors after actions and messages perceived from submissions such as the released video.

“Just one skit glorifies: sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, sexism and toxic masculinity. You might think this is just a skit, until those boys that hold him to high esteem starts doing this to their women neighbors. ‘Kunle, I need palm oil’ to ‘ Ada,open or I slap you’”.

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