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Cleric urges Muslim to retain good actions after Ramadan

By Idowu Abdullahi

The Mudiru Markaz (Rector), Sheikh Habeeb Adam Al-Ilory, has outlined ways in which Muslim faithful across the globe, particularly in Nigeria can reap benefits of outgoing Ramadan, citing abstinence from wrongdoings and embracing what was right as the panacea for maximising the great rewards.

He added that while the month long fasting was citadel of learning for Muslim, it has become imperative for faithful to continue replicating all what they had learn during the spiritual exercise in their everyday lives, saying completion of fasting must not erode discipline that comes with the act of worship.

Delivering his sermon on Thursday after leading thousands of Muslim faithful to observe Eid prayers in Agege, the Islamic scholar maintained that it was important Muslim across the country uphold all the lesson learnt during the season in attaining a saner society.

He added that in maximising the spiritual exercise rewards and achieving a saner society, Muslims and Nigerians in general must refrain from adultery, alcohol and leading a reckless life such that had ensure inanity takes centre stage in human existence.

According to him, the one month fasting is a citadel of learning which bequeath to us many qualities. During the one month learning opportunity, we have been taught the act of great restraints and other virtues that can help weather life’s storm.

“As we graduate today on Eid day, we are expected to imbibe and apply all what we have learnt during the last 30 days in our day-to-day activities in a way that will distinguish us through our piety and understanding of what we’ve learnt.

“Anyone who passed through the citadel of learning and did not pick anything from it can not be regarded as Muslim. Such person has lost the certificate befitting of those who passed through the month,” he said.

He added that true Muslim does not take a detour from good habits exhibited during the month, adding that showing good example, neighbourliness among others were what Islam truly represents which the faithful must exhibit at all times irrespective of the month.

“The Almighty bless us with Ramadan because of the love he has for us and basically, love and other good virtues are what Islam represents. So, the principle of love and good neighbourliness must continue to guide our conduct and worldly affairs before, during and after Ramadan,” the Islamic cleric added.

He, however, urged Muslims across the country to refrain from all bad habits they opposed during the holy month and ensure this year’s Ramadan serve as their stepping stone to being a better person.

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