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Chrisland female student apologies over sexual scandal, deletes social media posts

By News Desk

Following condemnation that trailed a video of sexual act conducted by five students of Chrisland College during a foreign trip in Dubai, United Arab Emirate (UAE), the only female schoolchildren involved has apologies for her erotic video with a male colleague as well as pulled down her social media account.

The female student said that she regretted the action which has brought her parent and the school under attack and that she has learnt her lesson from the act, promising to turn in a new leaf.

Aside from apologizing for the action, the schoolchild informed her over 4,000 followers on social media that she would be going off completely, in other to enable her fully complete her rehabilitation.

According to a post on a popular app, Likee, I made a mistake, and now I’m living with the consequences. I regret it, I really do. And I’m sorry. We should not regret mistakes, we must learn from them.

She, meanwhile, urged her fans not to allow their mistake to hold them down and to often see their past mistakes as motivation and boost their morale towards achieving their goal in the future.


Her apology came after the Lagos State Government reopened the school after it was shut down to investigate the sexual scandal rocking the place of learning in Lekki axis of the state after returning from UAE, where 76 students including the five indicted schoolchildren, participated in the World School Games last month.

Before the government reopened the school, a member of the school’s advisory board, Akin Fadeyi, disclosed that the act occurred during their last moment in the Arab nation.

Fadeyi added that the students perpetrated the acts in a room on the 11th floor after their teachers had mandated that they sleep early in other not to miss their early morning flight back to Nigeria.

He stated that after the teachers had ensured all students get into their rooms allocated to them, they went to their rooms to relay a bit before resuming their all-night monitoring, in other to ensure there were no lapses during their week-long stay in Dubai.

According to him, within the time that the teachers went into their rooms and return for their nightly routine, the students left their rooms and converged at the location for the sexual game.

As gathered, the school, during the trip, allocated a room to three children in the hotel and the female students were allocated rooms on the fourth floor while the male students had the 11th floor booked for them.

Fadeyi stated that the school was faced with two options, first to allow teachers to sleep in the same room with the student and the other was to pair them in each room and that the management opted for the latter, in order to prevent the teachers from intruding on the students’ privacy.

He noted that the management, in a bid to prevent alleged cases of bullying, directed the coordinators not to go into their rooms except for critical issues that required urgent attention.

“The teachers were going around always and it was like that until the last night of the trip when the students were directed to go to bed early because they have an early flight to catch the following day.

“And on this day, the teacher asked that the students should go to their rooms and later realized that they did not heed his instructions. And later mandated them to go again which they did. And after realizing that they had gone into their rooms, the teacher left the corridor as well”.

The board member stressed that the whole action happened within a split moment after their guide had instructed them to leave for their rooms to rest ahead of the next day’s journey.

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