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Chinese man bags 7-yrs imprisonment for vandalizing internet cables

By Esther Kalu

A man, who was only identified as Lan,  has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment  for vandalizing and setting internet equipment ablaze after becoming enraged over a slow connection in China.

The man, Lan, was said to have been at an internet cafe in southern Guangxi province around June last year when his frustration reached its peak with the connection speed spilled over and he responded by destroying a public box containing optical fibre network cables.

Confirming his sentence, a local court in Cenxi, a small mountain city through a statement on Monday, said that  the man had used a lighter to set a napkin he had on him on fire, then burned down a telecommunications box at a traffic intersection in the state all to express his frustrations and anger.

According to them, the fire caused nearly 4,000 households and offices, including a public hospital, to lose internet access for 28 to 50 hours as they tried to put out the fire from further destruction.

They stated that Lan was apprehended after the incident as the public security officials collected the lighter, the instrument of crime used to cause the blaze, adding that Lan was later hit with a seven-year jail term for “destroying public telecommunications facilities”.

As gathered, the story  was said to have prompted widespread ridicule on the Chinese social media and internet, with one Weibo user calling the man a “big baby”

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