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China stops research into coronavirus origin

By NewsDesk,

The Chinese Government has instituted restrictions on research ventures aimed at finding out the origins of coronavirus infection, as well as publication of such research results, stating that all such academic papers must be submitted for rigorous vetting before going to print.

It explained that control of scientific research had become necessary in order to avoid misinformation of the public on coronavirus and that its move to curtail research was with aim to ensure quality of research papers that would be made available to people.

The country’s apex government stated that all research documents on covid19 would have to pass through critical examination, upon passage of which they would be allowed to be disseminated to the public.

Through notices published on Chinese universities’ official websites, it added that all academic findings on the global pandemic must be written following its rules on biosecurity and that matters concerning the management of human genetic resources should also be done in accordance with approved guidelines.

While detailing the newly implemented research assessment protocol, the Chinese government reiterated that researchers were henceforth expected to submit their papers for vetting prior to publication.

“Papers related to virus tracing should be managed strictly… Other papers related to the new coronary pneumonia epidemic should be reviewed by the academic committee of the college, and after the academic value and timing of the papers are in place, put forward opinions on whether to publish them at home and abroad… The publication of papers must adhere to the bottom line of biosecurity, and matters involving the management of human genetic resources must be strictly approved in accordance with regulations. The release of the results of the vaccine should be in line with the schedule and cannot be exaggerated; the drug efficacy evaluation and clinical experience should be summed up in time to form a high-quality paper”.

It would be recalled that the coronavirus infection had first broken out in Wuhan province of China, from which it had spread to various other countries around the world.


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