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China moves against importation of coronavirus after recording 46 new case

By NewsDesk,

The Chinese Government has increased preventive measures against importation of the deadly coronavirus pandemic back into its borders from embattled countries across the world, as it reports incidence of 46 new cases of the viral infection in the country.

It would be recalled that China, which had been disease epicenter from which the novel virus broke-out in 2019, was recently declared coronavirus-free following marked decrease of new infections in the country and which led to closure of all its makeshift hospitals which had been erected to cater to the disease patients.

The government revealed that though domestically transmitted cases of the infection had been reduced to barest minimum, the country had however recorded an increase in cases being imported from abroad by its people who had returned following nullifying of coronavirus threat within its borders.

While confirming incidence of the 46 new coronavirus cases to newsmen in the country on Sunday, the country’s apex government disclosed that it had implemented increased measures to intercept new entrant cases, identify, quarantine and treat such patients accordingly, with aim to reduce possibility of further spread of the infection among its people.

It explained that in order to avoid possible re-entrance of the infection to the country, all incoming foreign flights to its capital city, Beijing, would be directed to another airport where all passengers would be screened for the viral infection and kept for monitoring before they are allowed to join society and mingle with the country’s teeming population.

The nation’s government said that such measures were in order to avoid a repeat of the massive disease break-out which the country had suffered and was yet to fully recover from, and added that the new processes were necessary to protect the Chinese people and afford the government opportunity to nip possible increased incidence in the bud.

According to the Deputy Governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), Chen Yulu, the country, which had suffered massive economic downturn due to the disease which had broken out in one of its major cities, Wuhan, was on track to economic recovery which could be halted if further spread of the novel viral infection was not curbed.

Yulu, who called for implementation of a better global policy coordination in the country, said that such key policy measures would position China for renewed economic growth as healing from the effects of the deadly coronavirus in the nation, and that for such policies to work, it was necessary for government to step-up efforts to curb further incidence of the deadly infection.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, he expressed his optimism that China would pull through its economic difficulties and rise above the coronavirus infection, adding that economic  forecasts for the country by the PBOC were positive, but that it was dependent on how well the coronavirus variable was managed.

“We expect significant improvement in our economy during the second quarter of the year. While continued spread of the virus will continue putting upward pressure on near-term consumer prices, there is no basis for long-term inflation or deflation”, he said.

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