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China issues new travel policy after Coronavirus outbreak

By Idowu Abdullahi,

The Chinese Government, in a bid to curb global spread of the coronavirus from its borders, has issued new travel protocols an procedures to be followed at all entry and exit ports in its cities, across the country and also set up preventive modalities to reduce chances of new disease break out in the country.

It announced adoption and implementation of the new travel protocol, stating that the recent reduction in numbers of new coronavirus cases being recorded daily in the country was not cue to relax, but rather motivation to put in more efforts and guard against any re-occurrence of such happening again in the future.

It would be recalled that as prevalence of the viral infection dropped in the country with lower numbers of new infections being reported daily, coronavirus infection was on the rise in about 82 other countries worldwide, all of which had received travellers who had links with the disease epicenter, China.

Addressing pressmen on Wednesday, an official with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Cao Xuejun, advised overseas Chinese planning to return home to reconsider their travel plans, adding that to effectively fight the virus, citizens who were resident in other countries needed to remain in their host country and allow authorities achieve greater success against the disease.

Xuejun reiterated that the government was saddened by the outbreak which had wreck havoc in other countries and decided to step up and effect measures to curb more spread or re-occurrence of the disease, adding that the decision had been taken with best interests of Chinese citizens, residents and the whole human race, at heart.

He also urged cities across the country to set up quarantine rules for those entering from high-risk places, stating that such measures would curb further spread of the disease to low-risk areas of the country and help eradicate the deadly disease totally from CHina’s shores.

“We have decided on a new protocol for travel within and outside the country. The aim is not to inconvenience anyone but to ensure the safety of all citizens and residents in all regions of China, and to stop spread of this deadly disease from our shores outwards, or back into our dear country”, he said.


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