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China discovers new drugs for Coronavirus treatment, prevention


By Temitope Akintoye,

Chinese authorities have revealed that a new strain of coronavirus, which has killed more than 1,700 persons and infected thousands others, can now be treated and prevented with new drugs discovered after the outbreak.

Before the announcement, the disease, which broke out in Wuhan City, had spread through China and to about 27 other countries, compelling World Health Organisation (WHO), to declare it as a global emergency.

Announcing the discovery, China National Health Commission official, Guo Yanhong, explained that the body had worked round clock to create an effective and lasting treatment for coronavirus, and had also carried out several experiments to determine how an infection could be prevented.

In an interview with newsmen on Monday, Hospital Administration Supervisor, Yanhong, had disclosed that the commission’s experiments had been successful as medicines were now available to adequately treat coronavirus patients, and that working preventive measures had also been identified.

She explained that as a result of such new findings, coronavirus threat had been greatly reduced, with more hope available to those already infected, as well as families with infected members.

Yanhong stated that, so far, a reduction had been noticed in coronavirus statistics, with a reduction in percentage of critically ill patients in Wuhan, from 38%  to 18%, which she described as a clear signal that coronavirus was steadily being beaten by the commission’s efforts.

“Hope has now been restored. Coronavirus is treatable and preventable as we have found successful methods of treatment in patients and prevention  in those who have not been infected,”

“We at the National Health Commission are doing our best to ensure the health and safety of everyone within China’s borders”.

Yanhong called for continued calm as citizens went about their daily duties and emphasized that the health commission was doing its best to overcome coronavirus.

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